Slideshow of other recent work  
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Lit lat lou - detail
Lit lat lou - ht.72cm bronze
Lit lat lou
Shopper Waiting for the Bus
ht.46cm - raku
Shopper at Tesco - ht.36cm raku
Shopping’s done - ht.31cm raku
Along the Promenade - ht.24cm raku
 Miners 19cm long - raku
Bather Fragment - ht.20cm - raku - sold
Afternoon Nap 18”46cm long - raku
Serra Pelada ht.26cm - raku
Morning on the Ghat - ht.20cm
Old Porter at Rest - 34cm long
Big Tease - base 56x39cm
Big Tease - detail
The Good Hunter - ht.43cm
The Good Hunter - detail
The Good Hunter - detail